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enlightened by the sea!

Glowee believes in the power of nature to build a more responsible and liveable world, using bioluminescence to change the way light is produced and consumed. Through products designed and manufactured in France, Glowee diffuses a new type of light: living, organic, liquid and respectful of both biodiversity and citizens.

Lumière durable

©  Eleanor lutz

What is

Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by certain living organisms such as fireflies or glowworms, but also more than 80% of marine organisms.

A living material that produces light

We are developing a living raw material made from naturally bioluminescent marine bacteria that can be easily cultivated indefinitely in the laboratory.  

Our core business: biotechnology.

We improve (without genetic modifications) these non-pathogenic and non-toxic bacteria, to make them more efficient in terms of light production (intensity, stability, efficiency).

Once the raw material is created, we develop suitable products to integrate this liquid light into it. 


Biological lighting, an alternative to artificial lighting


« 90% of biodiversity loss and water stress come from resource extraction and processing. »

Reduce the environmental impact of lighting

Thanks to a biosourced and biodegredable material made of grown marine bacteria, we reduce consumption of limited resources and pollution of their extraction, transformation and exportation.  


Design more respectful landscapes to biodiversity and citizens

Thanks to a living, relaxing and hypnotic light that carries a magical imaginary, we offer a new illumination philosophy. We a smooth rendering, it creates attractiveness, conviviality and a security feeling to a given space. 
The goal: reduce the negative effects of lighting and visual pollution. 

“look at nature, it is your future. "

Leonardo DeVinci

Our products and offers

Discover bioluminescence through various services with as much magic ad pedagogy thanks to our team.

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Range of bioluminescent urban furniture

Coming soon !



Immersive bioluminescent installations for your events

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Inspiring conferences between bioinspiration and entrepreneurship



Board game to dive into the heart of bioluminescence

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