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integrate bioluminescence
in your development projects


Mobilier urbain
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A range of street furniture

Our team is working on the design of a range of bioluminescent street furniture in order to bring comfort, harmony, a feeling of security, well-being, dynamism and attractiveness to the heart of your development projects.

A new lighting philosophy

Our intention is to bring nature back to the city by creating a special link with its lighting system, to awaken citizens to the power of nature and to drive a change in consumption methods through a new, less aggressive and more harmonious lighting philosophy.


A first experiment in the heart of the city of Rambouillet 


Glowee works side by side with the municipality of Rambouillet through an innovation public market contract, to experiment the first bioluminescent signage pannel. 
The goals of this common pilot project are: validate the use of bioluminescent to guide and energize a place, measure citizens feedbacks of the technology and define a development plan to progressively design fully bioluminescent cities. 

"We want to be the full-scale lab to explore bioluminescence role

in the city"

Nicolas Pollet, Technical Director of Rambouillet

Glowee supports you to work on your illumination issues

You are a municipality, a planner, a builder, an architect / urban planner, an operator, a regional council, or any other actor in the ecosystem of the city of tomorrow, we offer you to:


Work with your teams on eco-neighborhood or dark corridor projects

Ville de demain

Integrate your call for tenders as an innovative solution


Work on experimental projects from 2023


Carry out workshops to imagine the integration of bioluminescence in your projects 

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