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    The pitch of the game 

    📭  Delivery: 5 working days

    👶 From 8/9 years old

    🎲 Between 2 and 5 players

    🇫🇷 Made in France

    ♻️ Eco-designed(recycled paper, organic natural cotton pouch, tokens and wooden dice)

    To play Biolumia, put on your scientific explorer cap!   You have just discovered a well-kept secret: thousands of marine organisms are capable of producing a magical and biological light: bioluminescence. 

    As a good researcher, you want to find the formula for this biological light to bring it back to dry land and illuminate our lives. 

    On board your submarine, set off to meet incredible creatures that will give you the bioluminescence points you need to make your formula. Be careful, pirates are also running after the bioluminescence, they could steal your loot! 

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